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We have lived in dorms. We have happy memories of some, while others we are happy to forget. We have had plenty of mistakes to learn from!

We have also gone to college with no idea of what we actually needed. We have had arguments with our families on moving in day. We have tried to drag the ill-fitted portable wardrobe up the stairs just as a thousand other kids tried to do the same, only to find of course that it doesn’t fit. This process turned what was supposed to be one of the most exciting days of our lives to that point, into one of the most frustrating we had experienced. Not to mention the tension in the air between all of those helping us with the move.


Each move in college after that point, to bigger dorms, different dorms, even our first move off campus, always had an element of fear and loathing..

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A Dorm Room Revolution

With all this technology at our fingertips, there should be a better way. What if we could throw all our stuff into a cool realistic floor plan that told us what was too big, too small, too expensive ? Then, when we came to move in, there was just a nice stack of boxes with our furnishings, electronics and stationery ready for us to unpack.

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From this idea, Dorm Planner was born.

Dorm Planner encompasses our original vision, but we have added tons of new ideas, such as the Registry. This function allows our friends and family to give us gifts that are exactly what we need for our new space.